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Clothing-Bag Making Machine(GY-ZD-R)

Clothing-Bag Making Machine(GY-ZD-R)


This series machine is used to heat-sealing and heat cutting for BOPP、OPP hot shrinkage material. It is the perfect machine to producing socks bag, washcloth bag, clothing bag, bread or toast bags, accouterment bags, etc

Technical Parameters

Type R600 R800
Max. Sealing and Cutting width(mm) 600 800
Max. Sealing and Cutting length(mm) 960 960
Sealing and Cutting Thickness(mm) 0.008-0.18 0.008-0.18
Error in length(mm) ±0.5 ±0.5
Output(pcs/day) 36000-168000 36000-150000
Power of Main Motor(kw) 0.75 1.1
Heating Power(kw) 1.8 2
Weight(kg) 750 900
Overall Dimensions(L×W×H)(mm) 3500×1200×1650 3800×1500×1650

1.   Adopting the latest generation of control systems, packmato300 (301 );
2.   It can make flat mouths , turn on envelope mouths , add glue and punch automatically
3.   Length can be fixed and checked by electric light. And it carries an automatic hem.
4.   Automatic cutting under constant temperature, making sealing and shutting firm and smooth..

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