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  • Plastic Extruding and Film Laminating Unit(GY-LM)
  • Plastic Extruding and Film Laminating Unit(GY-LM)  Plastic extruding and film laminating unit GY-LM series includes six units for integral operation. The unit laminates extruded PE/PP with plastic cloth, non-woven cloth, paper, foil and BOOP film to improve the tensile strength, airtight and dam ...
  • Multi-function Film Laminating Machine(GY-TMF)
  • Multi-function Film Laminating Machine(GY-TMF)

      This machine laminates plastic film or Kraft-paper on the surface of PP or PE woven fabric with the adhesive material at melting status, or laminates color-printed OPP, CPP film to produce compounded bags.

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