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PE Heat Shrink Film Machine Set

PE Heat Shrink Film Machine Set


PE heat shrink film is a kind of new-type environment protection packing material and it is widely used in the product contraction package of light industry, food, beverage, candy, stationer goods, arts and handicrafts, presswork, medicament, chemical industry, hardware, electric component, etc. The wrapped product can be airtight, moistureproof and antipollution. It can protect the wrapped goods from the outside impact with certain shock absorption. Especially, when it is used in the wrapping of glassware, it can prevernt flying apart of the container in pieces. Furthermore, it can reduce the possibility of the dismantled and stolen goods.

Technical Parameters

Type 60 65 75
Diameter of Screw(mm) Φ60 Φ65 Φ75
L/D ration of screw 28:1 28:1 28:1
Specification of Die Head  (mm) Ф120 ,Ф200 Ф150 Ф250 Ф180 ,Ф3250
Thickness of Products(mm) 0.008--0.1 0.008--0.1 0.008-0.1
Folding width of Products(mm) 400—1000 500—1200 600—1500
Main power(kw) 18.5 22 30
Max. Output(kg/h) 50 60 75
Weight(T)   3   3.2 6
Overall Dimensions(L×W×H)(m ) 8×3×4.8 8×3×5.5 8×3×6

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