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POF Three-layer Co-extrusion Heat Shrinkable Film Blowing Machine(GY-CMF3)

POF Three-layer Co-extrusion Heat Shrinkable Film Blowing Machine(GY-CMF3)


POF three-layer co-extrusion blowing machine is used in the production of POF (Polyolefin double-tension three-layer heat-shrinkable film), one of the most advanced plastic packaging materials in the world and widely used in packaging of food, medicine, healthcare products, stationery, cosmetics, handicraft, books, audio products, electric accessories, machinery, and toys。

Technical Parameters

Model  GY-CMF3-1300 GY-CMF3-1500 GY-CMF3-1800 GY-CMF3-2000
layer 3
Row material  PP, PE PP, PE PP, PE PP, PE
Max.folding width of product(mm) 1100 1300 1600 1800
Thickness (mm) 0.012-0.03 0.012-0.03 0.012-0.03 0.012-0.03
Max.Output(kg/h) 60~80 70~100 100~130 110~150
Screw diameter(mm)  ¢40¢65/¢40 ¢45/¢70/¢45 ¢55/¢85/¢55 ¢60/¢90/¢60
Screw Ratio 30:1
Max.Rotating speed(r/min) 10-100
Max.Rewinding diameter(mm) ¢500
Max. Rewinding speed(m/min) 60  
General power(KW) 250 260 300 320
Overall Dimensions(L×W×H)(mm) 10000×5800×9500 10000×5800×10500 12000×6600×14500 14000×8000×15000
Weight(T) 32 35 38 40

1. Its POF heat-shrinkable film, made with world-leading technology of Double-Bubble Tube Film Method, is formed by double blow-up. It has the wanted features like being light in weight, high clarity, high flexibility, high shrinkage, and low-temperature resistant.
 2. Unique design of PP/PE/PP three-layer co-extrusion die head, together with internal three-layer co-extrusion technology, ensures short retention time of flowing channel discharging and uniform distribution of rapid melting materials.
3. The machine is equipped with capacitance type thickness gauge system and Gamma ray reflection probe imported from the USA, which greatly reduce the unevenness of the film.
4. New techniques as water-cooling shaping system, XIR heating system, auto-air recharging system, temperature control of power-adjusting module, rewinding tension control, central rotary rewinding system, and so on are used. The machine can save energy by 15%, comparing to the like products abroad.

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