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  • Plastic Packing Strap Making Machine(GY-DBD-PP)
  • Plastic Packing Strap Making Machine(GY-DBD-PP) PP plastic packing strap making machine is designed and improved by our factory's introduction of advanced technology at home and abroad. This packing strap making machine mainly produces high and middle grade packing belt, which has the characteri...
  • PET strap making line(GY-DBS- PET)
  • PET strap making line(GY-DBS- PET)PET Strap making line is the lastest product of our company with advanced technology. This production line can be produced with 100% reclaimed polyester materials in order to reduce cost. This controlled-system can regulate temperature, pressure, sp...
  • Plastic packing belt machine(GY-SSD)
  • Plastic packing belt machine(GY-SSD)D series plastic packing machine is used for producing various specifications of hand packing belt or machine packing belt, widely used for packing in factory, mine, department stores, textile, appliance, instrument, architecture, medication and othe...
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