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Two-layers co-extruder film blowing machine(GY-CM-2L)

Two-layers co-extruder film blowing machine(GY-CM-2L)


Two-layers co-extruder film blowing machineis used for produce LDPE, HDPE & LLDPE complex film, which is popular for packing liquid stuff, industrial products, raw material for printing etc.

Technical Parameters

Model GY-FM-2L45 GY-FM-2L50 GY-FM-2L55
Suitable Material LDPE LLDPE HDPE
Film Width (mm) 600-1000 800-1500 1000-1800
Film Thickness (mm) 0.03-0.20 0.03-0.20 0.05-0.20
Max. Squeezing Amount of Single Screw Rod 60-90 90-120 120-150
Screw Diameter Φ45/45 Φ50/50 Φ55/55
Screw L/D Ratio 30:1
Screw Material SACM-645/38CrMoALA
Cylinder Material SACM-645/38CrMoALA
Cylinder Cooling 370w×2 550w×2 550w×3
Driving Motor (kw) 18.5/18.5 22/22 30/30
Cylinder Temperature Control 3 4 4
Average Power-consume (kw) 40 50 70
Die Size Φ250/200 Φ300/350 Φ350/400
Temperature Control 3 3 4
Air Ring 1
Air Blower (kw) 5.5 5.5 7.5
Roller Width (mm) Φ165×1100 Φ165×1600 Φ165×1900
Take-up Speed (m/min) 10-65 10-65 10-65
Take-up Motor (kw) 1.5 1.5 2.2
Winding Motor (N.m) 10 16 20
Winding Speed (m/min) 10-65
Overall Dimensions (L×W×H)(m) 6.5×5.5×6.5 7.5×5.8×7.5 7.8×6.4×7.5

1.The two-layer co-extruder film blowing machine through two extruders plasticizing two identical or different plastic material into two layers co-extrusion die head to produce a composite film with A/A or A/B structure, so as to improve the physical properties of the films, increase its strength, the film has good barrier and air tightness.

2.This machine adopts advanced continuous rotary die head to ensure the films smooth and good uniformity, so the film’s quality can meet requirement during the subsequent process of the packaging machine or printing machine etc. This machine is suitable for producing composite pearl film, composite liquid packaging film, insulating film and multifunctional agricultural films. Its application range gradually expand, is the development direction of plastic products.

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